[Unique Personality] KOKUN FOUNDATION

Giving is an attitude and its a ministry on its own. Not every individual has the spirit or better still the luxury to.

In a world that is fast becoming for me and my family alone, there are still few individuals that are very much passionate about giving to others in need, they are those that belief that the needy also should be shown love, care and affection.

Today, we chose an individual that has taken it upon himself to help and care for not just the less privileged but every individual that’s in dire need of one thing or the other.

Kokun foundation is out on a life saving mission, and the foundation is doing that both inside and outside the country. Anywhere, anytime, the foundation is ready to give, support and care for any individual. We want to take time out to say thank you and recognize what it is that you are doing, thanks for the love and hope you give.

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