August 10, 2022

According to rapper, Legzus, he made it clear to everyone that the signature his listeners heard on his latest single “Okala” is not a record label signature, but a signature of “Ugobest Global Entertainment” management company where he recorded his song “Okala.

All is the connection and the help of a man who’s like a father to him; Femi-Obong Daniels. Before he dropped “Okala” Ezeakobi Charles Ugochukwu C.E.O of “Ugobest Global Entertainment” insisted that they must have their management’s signature on his song”Okala for studio recognition and also for him to gain more access to UGE promoters and also to “Alaba International Market promotions.

“I’m not yet signed to any record label,” he said, and Ugobest Global Entertainment is not a record label but just a management company.

“Legzus” is still looking forward to a good record label deal.

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